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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using api.Data;
using api.Dtos;
using api.Models;
using AutoMapper;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;
namespace api.Controllers
public class EventLocsVisitedController : ControllerBase
private readonly DataContext context;
private readonly IEventLocsVisitedRepository _repo;
private readonly IMapper _mapper;
private readonly RoleManager<Role> _roleManager;
private readonly UserManager<User> _userManager;
public EventLocsVisitedController(DataContext context,IEventLocsVisitedRepository repo, IMapper mapper,RoleManager<Role> roleManager,UserManager<User> UserManager)
this.context = context;
_mapper = mapper;
_roleManager = roleManager;
_userManager = UserManager;
_repo = repo;
// GET api/EventLocsVisited
// GET all EventLocsVisited
public async Task<IActionResult> GetEventLocsVisited()
var Locs = await _repo.GetEventLocsVisited();
return Ok(Locs);
// GET api/EventLocsVisited/t/[id]
//All locs visited by team id
public async Task<IActionResult> GetEventLocsVisitedTeam(int id)
var Locs = await _repo.GetEventLocsVisitedTeam(id);
return Ok(Locs);
// GET api/EventLocsVisited/e/[id]
//All locs visited by event id
public async Task<IActionResult> GetEventLocsVisitedEvent(int id)
var Locs = await _repo.GetEventLocsVisitedEvent(id);
return Ok(Locs);
// POST api/eventLocsVisited/add
// add new event
public async Task<IActionResult> AddEventLoc(EventLocVisitedAdd EventLocVisitedData)
EventLoc Loc = await context.EventLocs.FirstOrDefaultAsync(a=>a.Id == EventLocVisitedData.EventLocID);
var userT = await context.Users.Include(a=>>u.QRcode==EventLocVisitedData.UserQR);
if( == null){
return StatusCode(403);
Team TeamToEdit =;
TeamToEdit.Pontos += EventLocVisitedData.pontos;
EventLocVisited toAdd = new EventLocVisited{Team = TeamToEdit,Location = Loc, timestamp = DateTime.Now};
await context.EventLocsVisited.AddAsync(toAdd);
var result = context.SaveChanges();
if (result >= 1)
return StatusCode(201);
return BadRequest();